Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S (6.56ft)

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  • 16 Million Flowing Colors to Meet Multiple Lighting Scenes
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings
  • Game Sync with Razer Chroma RGB
  • Extendable Up To 32.8ft with Extention Strip
  • Trimmable According to Needs
  • Shine with Rhyme with Music Sync
  • Dimmable and Tunable
  • Group Control and Turn On/Off the Strip at Scheduled Time Available
  • Smart App Control Anytime Anywhere
  • Simple Setup with Built-in Wifi and No Hub Required
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Unboxing Videos From Genuine Users

Unboxing Videos From Genuine Users

Turn your gaming room into something spectacular

1S Smart LED Light Strip integrates perfectly with major gaming ecosystem, such as Razer Chroma, Overwolf. It enables responsive lighting effects triggered by game events. Spectacular gaming starts from now!

Enjoy Smart Home Convenience

1S Strip features a more stable connection with your favorite smart home platforms, such as
Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Sync with Your Digital Lifestyle

Easily automate multiple Strip 1S throughout your home with smart group controls, timers, brightness, and color temperature adjustment, and can be easily controlled anytime, anywhere with the Yeelight smartphone app.

Go from Drab to Fab

Strip 1S can be used to add tasteful accents throughout your home, including your dining room, bedroom, kitchen, patio, and living room. They're especially great for adding décor for holidays, parties, and special events.

Make Home Your Happy Place

Use Strip 1S to suit your mood throughout the day - adjust the brightness, color temperature, and select among 16 million colors to create the perfect lighting scenes.

Extendable Up to 10m Long

Strip 1S is flexible to fit into any place of your home. Simply measure your space, cut the light strips to
length, and stick into place - and easily extend their reach up to 10m with Yeelight extension kits.

Extendable Up to 10m Long

Strip 1S is flexible to fit into any place of your home. Simply measure your space, cut the light strips to
length, and stick into place - and easily extend their reach up to 10m with Yeelight extension kits.

9 reviews for Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S (6.56ft)

  1. Allen

    The strip itself is wonderful! It is really easy to integrate with Google Home, and I am sure it is just as easy with Alexa. It is super bright and has many different color options. I initially only bought it to match with the rest of my LEDs on my set up, but given the price and the quality I might buy more to complete the smart home set up.

  2. Marle

    These lights are great. Super bright and set the mood nicely. Also they come with a peal off backing that is adhesive. Seems to work well.

  3. CC

    I wanted to add a led strip to the desk in my office for some ambient lighting. After looking at other brands, I decided on the Yeelight strip. I felt like the price was decent, and reviews seem to have been good. Shipping as always was quick.

    One thing I have noticed about led strips is the adhesive is either too strong or not strong enough. The adhesive on the Yeelight strip seems to be about just right. However that may vary on different surface types.

    The button which is like an on/off switch is solid, and it just works.

    The only issue I had is the mobile app. Creating account was a nightmare. But once you get it all setup… this strip just works. It works well with the Google Home mini, and responds to commands quickly.

    All in all, I would get more of these if I have a need. For the price point, I feel like it is a solid product.

  4. Deyk

    The strips came in a box that had the strips, and a charger. The strips can connect to smart devices and can change with music. I am planning on buying another one to attach to the strips to make it longer. I highly recommend this. It works great and came nicely packaged.

  5. Christine

    Setup: super easy, maybe 3 steps including pairing with the app. Adhesion is strong, and I prefer the shorter length

    Color: infinite amount to choose from, lots of presets and the flow mode is great while gaming

    Music sync: my favorite feature, we set this up behind our projector and it’s perfect for playing music when we have guests over

    App: super easy to use and could use my xiaomi login, pairing took seconds and can easily set up rooms to control multiple lights

    Overall: highly recommend this as its amazing bang for your buck to uplevel any room in your house!

  6. Bryan

    Compatible with Alexa after you install the “skill”. I also configured my gaming setup using Chroma. Works pretty good! Only downside is on the gaming side, when I turn off their software I then have to tell Alexa to turn them back to “normal” or use the app to adjust them… otherwise the lights stay the last color. 🙂

  7. Sherry

    I was so surprised to see in the app that the lights are reactive to music! The app took a bit of fidgeting to set everything up but once you get the hang of it, it runs very smoothly. You can control the brightness and speed of the lights changing. Lots of pretty colors and adds such a nice vibe to my bed frame.

  8. Kelly

    Pretty sticky. Super bright. Dimmable also really nice

  9. Rocky

    I love the way these lights make our home look. We got one to go under the bar, behind the TV, over the diningroom Table and behind our display cabinets. Cyber Punk, Party Mode, Christmas Mode, Dining Mode, so cool. I love it.

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