Yeelight Smart LED Light Bulb 1S (Color)

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  • 16 Million Flowing Colors to Meet Multiple Lighting Scenes
  • Super Bright with Luminous Flux of 800lm
  • Dimmable and Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings
  • Game Sync with Razer Chroma RGB
  • Save Your Energy & Money with Only 8.5w Rated Power
  • Shine with Rhyme with Music Sync
  • Group Control and Turn On/Off the Strip at Scheduled Time Available
  • Smart App Control Anytime Anywhere
  • Simple Setup with Built-in Wifi and No Hub Required
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Unboxing Videos From Genuine Users

Unboxing Videos From Genuine Users

Enjoy Smart Home Ease

1S Bulb works with your favorite voice assistants and smart home platforms such as Ok Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Samsung SmartThings, etc.

Turn Your Gaming Room into Something Spectacular

The smart LED light bulb integrates perfectly with major gaming ecosystem, such as Razer Chroma, Overwolf. It enables responsive lighting effects triggered by game events. Spectacular gaming starts from now!

Sync Lights with Music

Sync the lights to your favorite song and explore how lights change with the rhythm. Spice up your party or holiday decorations with changing colors.

Program to Fit Your Lifestyle

Have trouble waking up to your 7AM alarm? Program these lights to gradually turn on so your room will be well-lit by the time your alarm goes off. Or prepare for bed by programming the lights to slowly dim as you drift to sleep.

Group & Remote Control

Adjust bulbs individually, or group multiple bulbs together to synchronize lighting for a whole room, and control them no matter where you are.

One Room Any Ambiance

Set the right ambiance for any moment by adjusting the color temperature from warm yellow to cool white.

Discover the Convenience with Yeelight App

Not sure if you turned off all the lights but already left the house? Forgot to leave alight on for your pet at home? With Yeelight App, you can control your lights remotely, wherever you are.


A Wise ChoiseSave Money and Energy

With the optimized electronic solution, Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S achieves 800 lumen of luminous flux with only 8.5W. With a lifespan of 25,000 hours.Yeelight new bulb allow you to you to save ebergy and money while enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home.


5 reviews for Yeelight Smart LED Light Bulb 1S (Color)

    Gio S
    Great smartight. Had a different, cheaper, light before and this one has a bit more features. Deffenetly worth the upgrade. The details are what made the difference. For example when changing to one color to the other, it fades into the new color instead of instantly just changing. The app is also very handy being able to change the default mode Everytime you turn it on. And of course love how it's Alexa controlled. One last pretty good detail is the music mode, where the light will change cors depending on what either your phone is playing or what the microphone on your phone is hearing.
    These bulbs are just fantastic. Zero issues with quality, setup or performance. They're plenty bright considering the 60w equivalency. LAN control and lack of a hub requirement makes them quite responsive - perfect for ambient lighting for movies or gaming. Mine are tied into Razer Synergy 3 and Alexa and perform as expected. You can use commands like "Alexa, turn lights on" and "Alexa, set lights to magenta at 75%" with ease. I'd recommend these over the (way overpriced) Philips Hue bulbs any day of the week (which was my original plan). I got my first Yeelight bulb (as a test) and liked it so much I immediately bought a second one and some cheap cylindrical desk lamps to place on opposite sides of my monitor. RGB bliss ensued. Unlike some Cree bulbs I have elsewhere, these produce zero heat and remain cool to the touch.
    I have had a couple of other smart bulbs. So far it was the best. The light is highly bright (>60Watt equivalent IMO) with a strong hue. It took less than 4 minutes to connect the bulb to my home Wi-Fi. The app is very smart with different modes; Sunrise is absolutely fantastic. Connecting it to IFTTT was extremely quick.
    This bulb is great, and better priced than other brands and just as good in features. Will be buying more for rest of house.
    Wow. I love this light. It's awesome on how it can work with my echo. I also love how it can change into any color you like. I use a timer before I go to bed so it turns off and I can set auto timer to turn on in the morning to help me wake up. Definitely will purchase more.
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