LED Lights for Gaming room

Yeelight smart lights bring you an upgraded immersive gaming experience with game & music sync features and flowing colors.

LED Lights for Gaming Room

Yeelight smart lights brings you upgraded immersive gaming experience
with game & music sync features and flowing colors.

Which Gaming Lights Suits You Best?

Gaming Lamp

When speaking of gaming lights, most gamers would immediately go to RGB lightstrips or sky lights - they are, of course, major choices to deck out your gaming room with soft glow, but when immersed in a fierce game, point lights like a gaming lamp would be a much better option.
A gaming lamp with 16 million colors and game sync feature will shine out the thrilling moment for your strikes and kills. Meanwhile, you can set up the lamp to notify you about key new messages, so that you wouldn't miss anything important.
Gaming lamps not only stand out as point lights, but they are also better at lighting up the surroundings and desk surfaces. In a well lit environment with gaming lamps, you are less likely to develop eye strain and easier to concentrate without spoiling the cool gaming vibe.

RGB gaming light

RGB gaming lights are crucial to your gaming set up - they are not too bright to cause glares on your monitors, and they are just good enough to light up the surroundings so you are able to see your keyboard and wouldn't knock over anything in the darkness.
Most importantly the flow of RGB colors gives a thrilling and fictional ambience that suits your mood - red says you are fiercely attacked, purple could represent that your master stroke gets the enemy, and yellow bursts when shooting happens - anything you like to make your gaming experiences even better.
To establish such gaming light setup, you can start with smart RGB lights that can synchronize with major gaming platforms, such as a RGB LED lightstrip, a multicolor smart bulb, a smart gaming lamp, or even a monitor light bar with 16 million colors backlight.

Ambient Gaming Lights

Gaming under fully bright light can be rather tedious, especially lighting at a wrong angle will lead to dazzles and even make you hard to see. That's why gamers prefer dimmer surroundings.
But total darkness could also result in issues - in such an environment with the monitor being the only bright spot, your eyes get easily strained. In the long run, it could cause headaches and poor eyesight. That's when ambient gaming light kicks in - proper lighting that is just bright enough to fix above troubles.
If you are going for an easy setup to protect your eyes, a smart LED light strip and a smart bulb (or a smart lamp instead) would do the trick. Or if you are a minimalist, getting just one game sync monitor light bar with 16 million colors backlight would be your perfect choice.

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