Why Choose Yeelight?

We endeavor to build a high-quality lighting environment and enable more people to enjoy the fun and convenience of smart lighting.

LED Desk Lamp

With adjustable color temperature, brightness and color feature, Yeelight's LED desk lamp creates just
the right atmosphere for your home.

  • yeelight-candela-lamp

    Yeelight Candela Lamp

  • yeelight-led-folding-desk-lamp-z1yeelight-led-folding-desk-lamp-z1-1

    Yeelight LED Folding Desk lamp Z1

  • yeelight-led-folding-desk-lamp-z1-pro-1yeelight-led-folding-desk-lamp-z1-pro-2

    Yeelight LED Folding Desk Lamp Z1 Pro

  • yeelight-smart-lamp-d2yeelight-bedside-lamp-1

    Yeelight LED Smart Lamp D2

  • yeelight-bedside-lamp

    Yeelight Staria Bedside Lamp Pro


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