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Visit Yeelight US Online Shop to get just the right lights for this year’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year! Yep! So many holidays are coming, so many decorations need to be done. Why not add some of these lights to your purchases list? Buy now to enjoy 30% OFF on all orders for this crazy Black Friday Sale!

 Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels [Preorder]


  • Fluid Color

  • 16 Million Colors

  • Any Panel Combination

  • Music Sync

  • Game Sync with Razer Chroma™ RGB

  • Voice Control with Google,Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa

  • App Control

  • 20+ Preset Light Modes

  • Personalized Lighting Available

Yeelight Smart LED Light Bulb W3 (Multicolor)


  • Fluid Color™ Technology

  • 16 Million Colors

  • Dimmable and Adjustable Color Temperature

  • Major AIoT Platforms Compatible

  • Game Sync with Razer Chroma™ RGB

  • Shine with Rhyme with Music Sync

  • 0.3W Ultra-Low Standby Power

  • Light up Entire Room with Group Control

  • Explore More with Yeelight App

Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S


  • Xiaomi Yeelight smart led lightstrips work well with major AIot Platforms such as Google, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa

  • Enjoy immersive gaming experience created by 1S led lightstrip’s seamless integration with Razer Chroma™ RGB

  • Explore more functions of the led light strip kit with Yeelight App

  • 16 million colors with warm white to cool white

  • Extendable up to 10 32.8 feet long

Yeelight LED Smart Lamp D2


  • On/Off with Double Tap

  • 16 Million Colors

  • Dimmable and Adjustable Color Temperature

  • Voice Control supported by Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

  • App Control

  • Shine with Rhyme with Music Sync

  • Flowing Color Mode

Yeelight Candela Lamp


  • Shaped like a candle, the led table lamps create perfect atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.

  • Explore the battery operated led table lamps with Yeelight App to adjust brightness or change light modes.

  • Equipped with a built-in BLE Mesh, the small led desk lamps enable group control of max.30,000 candelas.

  • The led table lamps for home come with a built-in battery to allow 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

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